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The Vin Santo is produced through a very complex process. The best selection of grapes Trebbiano and Malvasia Toscana white is placed in wooden crates and left to dry for 3/4 months in Vinsantaia. Between December and January, the crushing of the grapes that are closed in chestnut barrels of capacity ranging from 80 to 200 liters, for a period of five years.

These barrels, kegs called, are very old (some 30 years) and play a decisive role in helping to form aroma and taste of the product. Each caratello returns a very low amount of vinsanto: about 60% of the initial wort. The Vinsanto, finally, is decanted in a stainless steel container for not less than 6 months.

The awards

Wines of Italy's Gambero Rosso

Vin Santo del Chianti 2003 2 glasses

Great mention the third wine competition in the Valdarno


Vin Santo del Chianti 2005 3 Chimeras


Grapes: Trebbiano and Malvasia
Exposure: 270 mt s.L.M
Soil: clayey silt
Age of the vineyards: From 4 to 40 years
Training system: Spurred cordon
Harvest: Manual selection of the grapes
Yield per hectare: 45 q.Li
Aging: Caratelli chestnut
Winemaker: Maurizio Maurri

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