The farm

A Tuscan farm: Chianti wine, Vinsanto; Grappa del Chianti, Extra vergin olive oil

Antonio with his cousin Carlo strongly  desired  to  continue  the  family  tradition of  grape growing and  wine -making , which  began  in 1660, adding  now  a  modern and high quality character. The Migliarina & Montozzi Farm  is a prestigious winery in the heart of Tuscany in the Valdarno di Sopra;  a charming place where nature and man's hand come together  in a perfect balance.

Tradition is also behind the production of extra virgin olive oil. The olives, such as grapes, derive the best benefits from a unique area for climate and morphological features. The result is a superior oil intense aroma, low acidity and vibrant green color. Peculiarities that can only enhance the essential ingredient of a correct Mediterranean diet, ensure lightness, health and flavor.